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Clare Island
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(I wrote this piece for the current issue of the Connemara Journal. I have not had much time to post on this blog since the kids got their summer holidays and I apologise in advance, as I expect this will continue until they return at the end of August.)     An unexpected painting commission provided [...]

Delphi Valley
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It’s been too long since my last post as I’ve been caught up in the busyness of life and children. I’m returning with a short post  about a couple of new paintings I’ve just started. These are based on the Delphi valley, which must be one of  the most spectacular views here on the edges [...]

June Bog Cotton
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Cover photo ‘Cotton and Turf in Connemara’ by Deborah Watkins   The landscape seems to transform itself every couple of weeks in Connemara. Perhaps the most striking feature at the moment is the bog cotton that has sprung up amidst the peat and laid out stacks of turf. This plant seems especially strong this year, [...]