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Gavin Lavelle Exhibition - Clifden Arts Week
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Cover image ‘Spiral Eye’ by Gavin Lavelle   This post is shared with the Lavelle Art Gallery blog which I write with my husband Gavin Lavelle. The Lavelle Art Gallery is a family business run by Gavin in Clifden, County Galway where we live. We have a brand new website that we have been working [...]

September's Bounty
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Two weeks after my last post and still I find myself singing September’s praise. ¬†At the same time, I feel guilty because I haven’t yet found the time to paint as I have been trying to corner all of the dull but essential work that has gathered like old dust over the summer. I find [...]

September Beginnings and Endings
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Cover image ‘Sheep in Errislannan’ by Marianne Chayet (This piece was written for the next issue of the Connemara Journal which will be available in early September. My three children have returned to school and I am looking forward to returning to painting and writing with renewed energy. I will post again soon.)   Summer [...]